Dedicated server

Dedicated server

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Our company offers dedicated servers for rent with various hardware configuration options. Customer gets full control over the server and it's content. We normally negotiate on server's hardware and configuration options during solution design phase.

Our offer's competitive advantage is server disk-less configuration with redundant connection to one of our enterprise class SAN arrays. Instead of storing all your data on embedded server's drives with high risk of data loss we enable You to benefit from highly reliable and fast storage array which is directly connected to the server over redundant fibre channel fabrics. In addition regular data backup is included.
In case of server failure this approach makes possible to quickly recover your systems on another server (simply by remapping SAN LUNs) or even in the cloud.

Depending on customer needs we can map multiple number of required capacity LUNs to the dedicated server. LUNs may be provisioned from different storage performance tiers. For this reason, the storage system consists of several disk pools with different performance characteristics - NL-SAS, SAS10K and FMD (Flash Module Drive or Hitachi Accelerated Flash –​​ technology that significantly outperforms standard SSD drives).


Our approach:

  • Relieves customer of the hassles and potential problems coming from maintaining local drives (expansion, failed drive replacement, performance impact during raid rebuild, etc.)
  • Gives storage configuration flexibility
  • Constantly maintains high performance level and makes possible having extra performance on temporary basis


Standard service includes:

  • Initial setup and configuration
  • Server collocation in our datacenter
  • Storage space on SAN array
  • Internet connection and public IPs
  • Backup job configuration and launch
  • Space on backup repository
  • Basic system monitoring 
  • Technical support 24/7 2


Optional features:

  • Server and application administration
  • Software licensing
  • Ready-to-go disaster recovery plan


1- delivered by our central monitoring system

2- technical support only resolves technical issues with hardware and other service bundle components not with customer's VMs and applications



How to estimate service cost?

Please email your request to and get free project evaluation and pricing details.

Also, look at our service bundles. You may find there current special offerings.