Data Storage System

The Data storage architecture is built on Hitachi Data Systems products. It is an enterprise class solution with a vendor guaranteed data availability at the level of 99,999%. All hard drives are reserved according to the N+2 scheme with 10 disks in each RAID group. The data is transferred between the system and servers via optic cables using the Fibre Channel protocol at a speed of at least 8 Gb/sec. The links are redundant according to 2N policy. The storage tenant for each customer’s virtual data center is configured according to the required space and performance. For this reason, the system consists of several disk pools with different performance characteristics. Users independently configure necessary capacity from appropriate disk pools: NL-SAS, SAS10K and FMD (Flash Module Drive or Hitachi Accelerated Flash –​​ technology that significantly outperforms standard SSD drives) using self-service management portal.

VMware vSAN (All-Flash) solution is also available as primary production storage. This is hyperconverged storage clustering solution specially designed for VMMare virtual workloads and provides great reliability and performance. Users may select necessary performance policy and required capacity through self-service management portal as well.