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Infrastructure-as-a-Service or IaaS represents the basic model for computing resource provisioning from the cloud. On the other hand, IaaS can be treated as a complete IT infrastructure outsourcing from a service provider. We deliver it to our customers worldwide as a set of computing resources (the requested number of CPUs, RAM, storage space, etc.), which are physically located in Riga. Our available amount of computing resources can be quickly and easily adjusted by either side with no hidden costs included.

Each customer has the ability to manage their allocated resource pool or so-called Virtual Data Center (VDC) independently using our self-service portal. A full suite of dedicated virtual infrastructure management options is at your service: create, clone, delete, or configure your VMs, networking and remote access specifications.

We do not focus on selling pre-sized and pre-configured VMs, VDS or VPS. We do offer fully featured dedicated virtual datacenters with the ability for the customer to deploy and run as well as fully control an adjustable number of VMs with different configurations to optimally support your requirements and provide maximum flexibility.

Our customers use VDCs for a broad variety of applications starting from hosting fairly simple websites to ending with operating highly critical CRM systems or even complete enterprise IT infrastructures that are comprised of hundreds of VMs and complex network configurations. You may move completely to our cloud or only move a part of your infrastructure, like an email server.  Conversely, you can transfer to us everything that your business has to our cloud servers if you so desire.

Please read infrastructure page for more technical details.


Standard IaaS service includes:

  • VDC provisioning
  • Assistance while migrating workloads to the cloud
  • Monitoring system configuration
  • Site-to-site VPN configuration
  • Default backup job configuration (14 daily copies for each VM)
  • New customer onboarding and UI demonstration session
  • 24/7 technical support

Optional features:

  • Individual solution design and documentation (in case when you have big and complex infrastructure)
  • Custom backup policy configuration
  • OS and application administration


Most popular use cases for IaaS

  • IT infrastructure design, implementation and support is not what you want to do. You just want your critical business applications to work in a secure and reliable environment and to be constantly available for use
  • Your hardware (e.g. servers or storage array) is outdated and may fail any moment. But, You don’t want to invest a considerable amount of money in hardware upgrades.
  • Your business demand for computing power is not equal through the year. For example, there could be a month in a year when your business requires 50% more server power than usually or temporary additional storage space.
  • Your business is a startup with unknown prospects and growth rate. This uncertainty makes building Your own infrastructure as pointless and risky.
  • You would like to reduce the operational costs for running Your own IT infrastructure.


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