Do you care about your company's corporate data safety?

keep it in the safe place!

7reasons to choose us:

  1. We do not skimp on hardware and technology
  2. Individual approach for each customer’s needs
  3. Easy onboarding and welcoming support team
  4. We take the financial responsibility for providing service quality (SLA)
  5. We respect our customers’ privacy and sign NDA agreements
  6. We support different payment options
  7. We speak the same language as our customers

What can be migrated into the cloud

  • CRM, ERP
  • email
  • business apps
  • web sites
  • files and documents
  • any other data

Benefits You get:

  • All critical business data you value will be protected in the most secure way
  • Quick and convenient way to access your business applications when You need them
  • Business continuity. All your systems and data will be protected from local risks such as fire, flood, hardware failure, and possible destructive actions from your detractors
  • Cost savings on buying new hardware and maintaining existing. All these kinds of hassles will be in our responsibility
  • Cost saving on electricity, cooling, and everything that is necessary for operating your own hardware.
  • Data loss protection. We do backups of everything.
  • Decrease load on your service personnel and let them do what is important for business.
  • Stop wasting money and pay only for what is currently necessary for your business. No need for capacity reserves and spare components. We’ll deliver them promptly when You need them.

Cloud computing technologies have been a global trend in the IT field for a long time. And, many successful businesses are actively using them already or have included cloud adoption into their IT strategy. This is not surprising, since the cloud offers much more flexibility as compared to a traditional on-premise IT infrastructure. It is a secure, convenient and cost effective way to utilize IT services for business. Under the cloud model, you only pay for what is necessary for your business.

We are not offering products or technologies per se. We are offering solutions for your problems or challenges. You can benefit from using cloud right away. It’s easy! We offer hosting for your IT systems in our platform located in Riga. All information is stored in a modern datacentre facility protected by a certified security staff and European legislation. Besides, You always can count on our high reliability, adequate pricing, and of course, top quality.